3 Contrarian Truths About Business Growth

3 Contrarian Truths About Business Growth

Dustin Lien
March 1, 2023

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Since I started my consulting business in 2016, I’ve helped create over $35m in revenue for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

There’s a lot about business I'm still learning, but if I can offer some perspective from my experience at least, hopefully it can save you some pain.

3 contrarian truths about business growth:

#1: Do less, better

More can be a trap. Not always, but often. I want to focus on important things that are working well, and improve on them, rather than stretching myself thin and running in maintenance mode.

New ideas are exciting, new marketing tactics sound fun to try, but remember that every new "yes" is a new ball to juggle (and boy am I mediocre at juggling).

Get out a piece of paper and create 3 columns: Currently Doing, Keep Doing, Stop Doing. Write down all of your current marketing efforts in the "currently doing" column, and one by one, move them into either "keep doing" or "stop doing".

Question to ponder: What marketing activities are currently getting most of the results that you could spend more time on if you stopped doing activities that aren't producing results?

#2: Start with a pond, not the ocean

There’s a stigma in certain entrepreneur circles about being the big fish in a small pond. The consensus in those circles is that small ponds are for those who can't hack it, and that if you want to be “successful”, you need to swim with the sharks in the ocean.

The ocean is where big corporations and big investments swim. Where new businesses risk being drowned or eaten alive.

A pond is where a new business can be known, trusted, and loved. Where small startups, solopreneurs, and creators can thrive and grow.

My proposal to you is this: Instead of attempting to dominate the shark-infested ocean from day one, chasing waves and going all or nothing—start small. Own a pond.

Owning a pond means being the best in your niche. It means being the “go-to” option for whatever the problem is that you solve.

Embrace the advantages of starting small, own your pond, and serve your customers well.

If you want to expand later, cool; if not, cool.

If you want to ignore this advice, cool.

Shut out the noise, and do your thing.

#3: Consistency is your best friend (& worst enemy)

Here's a tweet I posted about this:

If you remember anything today, remember this:

Growing your business doesn't have to feel stressful. It's your business, so you get to decide whether you're constantly overwhelmed or enjoying the journey.

That's all for today,


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